Our company


Our company

You surely appreciate the company LAGARDE AUTOCLAVES as leader in its market. But as you can imagine, we have to stay that way, to keep the edge.

For this, we can’t ignore the digital shift that awaits us on technical side but also commercial side. So let's take this precursor turn together.

ALL RETORTS is your digital autoclaves / retorts partner. 

Created and inspired by LAGARDE AUTOCLAVES, www.all-retorts.com wish to be your “E-world” for thermal treatment.
What’s for ? For disrupting established prices and help you to increase your own profitability. Our digital DNA is based on the following principles : " easier to buy, faster to maintain, soft for the wallet, safe for the end user,  but terribly effective”

To summarize this mind, we also launch the range “First One” which aims the perfect balance between performance and saving money. Still produced on LAGARDE site, still guaranteed  but only available on www.all-retorts.com.

We hope you will appreciate your world of technology.