Designed, produced in FRANCE
To respond to a highly competitive market, particularly in the CAN market, and thanks to the oldest and a long-proven technology, the One All range is the right answer.
The process gives a very good temperature distribution during the com-up time.

Lagarde produces tailor-made autoclaves for all its customers and also offers a standard range.

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Thermal treatment

What about the process ?

Sterilization by Water Spraying (directly heated by Steam injection):  

Water is injected at the bottom of the retort until it reaches a certain level to allow the pump to correctly function (or the water is keep from the previous cycle) using an LAGARDE AUTOCLAVES exclusivity.

With this special device, spray nozzles, this water is in turn heated by injecting steam directly in the retort (no external heat exchanger requested) and between each stack. 
For the cooling, the water is sucked in by the pump and circulates on treated products. These same spray nozzles designed and patented by LAGARDE AUTOCLAVES which are located on the side of each baskets ensure the performance cooling also.

Sterilization by Steam/Air   (Heating and sterilisation phase: )

The steam, which has no physical barrier, is introduced directly and automatically into the autoclave and is distributed geometrically by distributors. A ventilation system, permanently controlled by the regulation system, and especially designed to have an optimized performance, facilitates the circulation of steam in any part of the equipment in order to guarantee a perfect temperature homogeneity.

It is not necessary to preheat water neither in the bottom of the autoclave, nor in the pipe, nor added water, since steam is injected directly between the baskets.

When the sterilization temperature is reached, the fan remains in operation and thus participates in an even more effective heat penetration at the heart of the product. Steam has the best calorific value of all services (3 to 100 times better than water for example). The high precision measuring system coupled with the SAMANTHA © regulation system allows to have a pressure and backpressure treatment without inertia, in real time, before, during and after the entire sterilization phase.


The range of retorts we offer to you are perfectly suited for Sterilization – Pasteurization of all types of food products which must remain motionless such as :


  • All type of meat
  • All type of fish
  • All type of vegetables
  • All type of fruits
  • All type of petfood
  • All type of baby food
  • All type of ready meals

Packed in any type of container:

  • Tins (aluminium or steel cans)
  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Glass-jars
  • Retortable pouches
  • Aluminium or plastic tubes
  • And many others

 Baby FoodLégumes

Pet FoodReady Meals



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